Don't cry, For Mary Ann, Charlie...

Don't cry
For Mary Ann,
For you had already woken up to the dawn,
And if she had left you,
She had left you with your poems
To be borne,
Don't cry
For Mary Ann,
Hey Charlie!
Cause you got to wake again
To see the dawn breaking there
On your street at Pensylvennia,

See there the Sun is smiling at you
And from there by solar waves
Your Mary Ann is showering Her happy dews
For you,
Wake up,
Cause you got roads long still to walk,
Don't cry,
Come'n we catch the Bus
To sing all the way
To Her gate...

(Note: on a poem, 'fading' by a friend, Charlie Giardino,which carried pathos too much, for his love, Mary Ann, dying at a hospital bed...thank you Charlie, for your wonderous poem, and all the good wishes for your book)


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