Like a dropping of a boat by cloud into a picture...

Like dropping a boat by cloud
Just like a float,
Straight to a picture as painted in wavy blue green,
This evening brings an imagery unreal,
Yet so binding real that me looks
At the picture, so out of the book,
Was it Italian?
Was it Venetian?
Or Spanish?

The picture with colors
Like a float
Of a boat
Takes me away
To another time
Another dimension
Another art
Another life...

life smiling
Wavy motions for me keeping there
Right on the beautiful watery layer,
Perhaps sings once more,
The Beauty as The Truth,
As beauty as life,
As truth as evolution,
A perennial motion,
As Time as Truth,
And Beauty as a bless of a Ruth,

As Keats graphically once wrote...
As tunes of Gita evokes,
Like Eternal.

(Note : on a painting by Christian Schloe, Moonlight Serenade, and time as this , interfused , thanks to Sue Lobo, for her poem on the same painting . )


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