Wish this evening be ...

Wish this evening
me sings
A parting,
Like once Browning did,
Taking the straight long road,
Where He found the rays drenching the broad,
With hopes, with abundance, with fulfilment,
For hearts wandering aimless,
Wish for all, You, bring that glowing west,
Glowing beauteous with pinkish rays,
As the cool breezy watery day prepares for another evening,
Another passage to another time, eternalised, every moment,
By Time Himself, such a glorious chariot, holding all
Yet letting every moment pass by, like a showery blessed Fall,

And me finds poesy sleepy cool,
Coming back, written full,
Like Browning wrote
Taking the long straight road
Hearing the call of the sea,
And the cold of the Sun,
Calling Him bound Eternal.


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