Once me traveled to a lotus pond...

Once me traveled
To a lotus pond,
It had been a day perhaps
Like this rainy autumnal,
With fragrance sweet
Of kash and shiuli waiting for a bloom,
And me then wrote
On leaves green
Thousand years is a little room,

Once me traveled like a photograph
To a place where me found a lotus pond,
At a Garden at the fringes of my city,
Carrying names of Your Holy Beauty,
And that day, was a blessed one,
For there me in photos captured poems mine some,
Lain across over the horizon of a rainy day,
O that had been such a joyous Holy Day...

(Note : the photograph attached here was taken by me few years back, when on a rainy day, late monsoon kind,me went to a garden, at the fringes of my city, Kolkata,with a colleague /friend of mine, Mr.N. Chakraborty, )


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