Let there be flowers on green, like blue, like pink, all over...

Let there be
Flowers all over the greens,
Blooming pink,
Blooming blue,
For there lies
me knows your propriety, Your perfect hue,

Let there be
Only Peaceful satiety,
All over the greens,
Blooming pink,
Blooming bluish deep,
For there You keep
your profound, your bless,
Your Best, your dreams, Your kiss...

Let there be...
Flowers of abundance,
Like a wave of happiness like a tremble soft,
Like a beautiful mirthful wonderous soul saving dance...

Let there be...
you in me,
And me in you,
And never defeated,
By any bullet shots,
Or wars of centuries at bloody cost,

For there lies Peace,
For there lies dreams of Owen,
Or Brooke, or Sassoon,
There we weave lovely silk
In our cocoons...


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