Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Seeing Your face, wet shine, drizzled,

Seeing Your face,
Wet shine,
Is another part of You
Incomparably true,
Like this morn's drizzling fine,
Like this me writing
You Unwritten lines,
Like writing rhymes,
Like getting into Your State,
Falling cool onto me skin,
Like poesy finally breaking into a flow,
Like embracing Your slow,

Seeing You thus drizzled
Carrying clouds in your eyes of Rains,
Is like causing me eyes to commit,
To reach the hill top, a cliff, a climate summit,
Like this morn causing me a frenzy, a fall,
Like a Boeing landing on runway yours, de gaulle,
Like running through with rhythm soft,
Like feeling the leaves of mine, getting dropped,
And me getting into Your blessed design,
Your act of calling me to your wet shine...

And me sees how by electricity wires
Overhead connecting houses, builds, shops, malls,
Rain drops like diamonds sliding by...

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