Why can't me paint You, what You encoded, long ago?

Why can't me paint You
Age old and forever new,
Like a Classic,
Like a myth,
Like imagined Truth,
Like the songs of singing Ruth,
Like what once on a pool like a beauty
Upon conscious mind one Unconscious found, as piety,

What You centuries ago embedded
Into this flowing life,
In trees,
Why can't me code in words?

Your splendid,
why can't you take me forever towards
As forever,
As never in small life one,
As eternal, all timed...

As You forever there me soul
Like custodian keep,
In Your deep,
Why can't me finds?
That gem which carries in you my life?

me thought only me,
Perhaps me not properly bowed,
To You, perhaps, me failed to pay obeisance...

But still, You come,
As the benign soft happy light,
As comes love mine...
As comes in her Your Shine...


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