We fly, to the sky...can we not?

This morn
Of a Sun Day
With He
Waking us all
As if by His warm orange red
Can we not fly? Dear?
Wingless we
Can we not winged be?
For that glory
Writing a story with Gold
All over our blues...

This morn
When He comes
With such a beauty calm song
Of life blooming in serene
Can we not
On each other lean
And placing palms
Feeling the warmth
Can we not
Winged be?
To reach Him
The Gold
The Serene...
As He wakes us all
This beautiful wonderous songy of a morn...
Can we not fly
Like those birds
Can we not choose to reach for the Sky?
This Sunny of a day
As it breaks
As if with His call
The real Limitless
As He with His white pure
Beauteous love only manifests...
For us
Only us
Only to see us fly,
Can we not dear
Reach for His blue white of the sky?


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