Her Windfall...

Some morns
Being part of Her
Voice hers
From far...
Carries something more
As if passion red golden...they pour,
And white white in which She her makes to merge...
And me sees her
Listens to her beats
Of the deep...
she must have woken up
she must have me seen
From her balcony overlooking
her street down
Where cars few drenched by the golden biege
The same
With mist carrying my name...

She must have woken her up
And maketh her feel the ethereal drop
From the sky of this morn,
she must be today with sublime reborn,
and me from here
Hears her song
As if an aube
she standing there moments long
Singing with her all the pure...
By Helios the same
Gold blue white burned...

And me sees her
Her Face upon her
Flashing a shine
As if there Her Divine
Re writing all...
As if she there
my dame fair
having a Windfall...


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