Like a seed rained...

Like a seed rained
me sees growth this morn
As grows the sapling
In search of her sky
As grows her roots
In search of life...

Like a rain seeded
inside, me grows this morn
To see You like a birth
As by You the night be born
Like awesome  Peace of a dawn...

And my greenish lawn
Where flowers white and pink
You delivered last night as dreams of spring
me gets in them Your shine, Your Holy drink...
As if in them you have given your scent dense...
As if in them you have planted your empathetic sense...

O like a rain seeded
And seedy rain
How You wake me up to Love...
O like you me take into your feathery white of a dove...

And me
As woken to You
Inner peace dripping like moist wet dew
A rest like a refuge takes
In your arms...


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