Like a song moist from heaven, a waking up...

Seen those leaves dear?
Those leaves overhanging your head,
The whole night they you fanned to sleep
And see how now, when the rains have given soft
To their blades, they are still shining smiling
As if they got Her divine in them...
Seen them?
How they could easily get
Her promise,
Her Faith...
Her omnishine
Her bright...
Her omnipresence of mirth as Unborn Light...

Heard that rooster's call?
Has not the morn broken to a splendid waterfall?
As woken up those sleepy cool streets
Are you still there closing eyes, fast asleep?

Wake up, dear, love mine
See how She has come with All of Her Splendid,
Her luminance wet,
Her dravidan monsoony gait...

Wake up dear,
To the awakening as She has cometh...
Wake up dear
Anchor your soul to Her
As if there life takes a plummet...


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