Like George Strait...tuneful...

Like a George
A strait running down
Ablaze by the Helios Bright,
Like a Pulsar
Setting shine
me rides
Loving the road
The wet
The city that still slept
Tea shops opening like morn
Coming a bit delayed
After the shower, the cool,

Like George
A stream forming a pool
Shining catching light
Reflecting the dawn opening to skylight
As open the doors and windows everywhere
As opens she  Her beauty for me on road bare
As opens the blossom smelling morn's moist dewy feel
As opens eyes the dream that is kept suppressed and seal'd...
As open palms for drops of honey from Heaven
As opens the green field like life running acres and acres of fancy spread even...

Like George
me takes a morning ride of a glide
Feeling wet on skin
On face the sea blue green
On legs the cool of a river flowing
On  neck her kisses blowing...

Like George
me rides a glide
As if there
me finds God in countryside...


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