And she sang, for Love...

And she sings me
For the Love...
Of you,
As if in her blue
songy wet of a morn
Born anew
me sees a sea of love
Like days making light of nights
Passing by
Like she is singing for me all right...
Like She telling me life is just smooth of a glide
Like She whispering tunes of loving me like candlelight...

And me flies
From here to there
As if She
Like a deity supreme
Hath turned me a taper of a light...
And me watches  how birds oft fly
Against the wet autumnal monsoony sky...
As if she singing
For the Love of You...
Like She shedding her blessed drops weeping happiest dew...
On me,
As if a flight
Long distance...

(Note:~ on a song by Isley Brothers...)


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