Have you seen the harmony in Her, and heard the song?

Have you heard the harmony
In Her,
And the music bright golden cool autumnal in the air?
O how the gold bathes the leaves of trees...
O how colors only erupt by His touch
The gold in the air,

O how me finds you ,
You everywhere...
In the sky ...
In birds as they fly for mirth...
In blades of woken fresh grass,as birth,
In streets so lovely as if newly built...
In eyes where joys childish could always be felt...
In dreams of 'kash' white hidden greenish tinge,
In drinking life as if binge,
In running shoes spongy jumpy a feel,
In paper wallahs' cycle bells ringing by sweetness filled,

O how me finds you
You everywhere,
In heavenly tunes floated in autumn cool air...
In brick fields waking up to sleepy sluggish works,
In boats having a stream like tug,
In fishermen's throwing net as if a practised songy ritual,
In motorbike purring mine softly sparked and cooled, as if a neccesary mechanism dual,
In calm of face of that old man with crow's feet around eyes as lines
Of his experience vast to see through all to hold only the blessed morn's sublime...

Have you heard and felt it not still?
How life flows by, singing, glowing, musical, sans all fear?
As rivers flow, always,
As flowers bloom relentless...
As dreams arrive like movie rolls canned,
As billboards reinacarnate as only Faith,
As growth is seeded in every tree,
O have you not heard all that?
Have you not yet that seen?

O how me gets draped every moment by Dreamy screen...
As if you me finds everywhere...
This earth,
Up above in
That sky,
So blue, so white, so wide...


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