Another night starry silent a drop...

Another night
Like a Queen Selene comes,
As if She me drains calm,
To make me a beggar, a man in dreams forever lost,
Another silent night upon me ethereal dew like drops
As if She has so wished to cause
As if She her silver in me paused
Like an interlude between a journey from day to night
As if She has cometh to bear her for me as premature daylight...
As if silver is the first step towards the Gold
As if in silver She her mooned self keeps in a fold...
And silence like starry shapes arrive on soul
As if she has been turned to a silvery cosmic bowl...

And me only listens drenched again by her
Holy like joyous saxophonic monsoony autumnal air,
How murmurs piping through the wind
As if She there on my bare skin
her perfumed love spreads like a silvery screen...


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