Waves greenish blue and an afternoon so cool...

By the waves
So bluish green
Finds me You
Sitting wonderous
As if you a wave become...
Foamy layer white
Making circular motion
And through that coil
me sees you as if touching sands mine
You roll up to create joys,
As porous
Passing cool breeze and light

Like that beach at Bali,
Far east where once temples and pagodas were built
Dotting afternoon sky so songy lucid,
me your waves incoming receives
Like a seive...
And waved me
Waves returns...

By me
As they waves ethereal lash
Like a gushing forth...roaring sombre yet beauty
Of a reflect...
As if divinity...

A motion
Of the sea...
So blue green...
Thus changes
An afternoon more
To attain serene...
The Wonderful...


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