Traveling, all the time me sings...You...

Seeing the birth of Her gold
As cool red ball and the sky so blue
Like a feel of birds let free
All the times me hears Her
As if from Far She comes
To wake me up
As if She be a dawn
In eyes mine
To help me behold
Her gold washing the streets
The trees the terraces
The bridges,
The sleepy vehicles parked nightlong
Outside, with dewy moist gathered on their rooftops...

All the times
me hears
As if She like a horserider comes
To take me
To Paradiso
So gold
And so red
As if
Wakes me
A wanderer...
All the times
A traveler...

Seeing hearing feeling Her thus
all the times short of the long
me sings You...
As if me like a flowing singer continues
From where me left the tune in the air
From where me left the note fair...


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