Rains, a mythical search...

You got every reason
To know why rains bring such a season
In me,
Why me sings more
In rains,
Why rains leave flooded lanes
In my heart...

You got to know,
me thinks...
All the rhymes...
And reasons...

You got every reason to know
How rains
By her shivery slice
Rolls me like a dream
Of joys of a child,

You got every reason
To know...
How rains sow
Seeds of Tagorean birth
Of visioning country
In a city,
In me...

O you got every reason
To plant the rainy season
In me,
another poet
City bred, me in rains sees,
who, caught drops of rains
In his leaves, curious...
He thought his muse
To be in rains, drenched,
Before his eyes like a long leaf...

And rains...
Brings back many things...
Memories stuck under plastic,
Like savouring tea and biscuit
Standing under a canopy of poetic an evening once,
And finding a picture of Beyonce,
At a shop in a street selling groceries...
And songs sung by a route
Where music got drowned into a loving stare-
Just a simple candid look,

You got every reason
To know
How rains brings season
Of writing a book-
On walking wading kneedeep,
Riding handpulled rickshaws with songs on my youthful lips...
Of finding city mine queueing up for hot pakoras and chops,
Of sitting through a movie holding hands together, till the credit line stops...

O you got every reason to know
Rains how a whole new season sow...


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