Like a Lola, whence the morn a song becomes...

Like a Lola,
Whence the morn a song golden such
Becalms me much...
O la la
Like a lola
Whence She sings
For me
As sings this morn
Golden such...
me sees
Her lyre
Tuned right
In the light
Breaking a morn
To a happy birth reborn...

And me sees Lola mine
Holding me on
Like a mother mine
As if Her words carrieth the vision
As if Her voice carrieth mine ...
A shine of leafy sublime,
A spark in eyes so Holy a shine...

Like a Lola
O la la
Whence She sings the morn
With golden joy as erupts
me, o dear me,
A song such becomes...

(Note:~inspired by a song, as written once by Davies, Raymond Douglas...)


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