Caught in a drizzle,

Caught in a drizzle
Sudden on road
Had everything to protect meself...
Thought why not me gets a bit drenched?
Afterall the monsoon is on the wane
And why not get a bit of rain
Onto me soul, like holding there a bowl
To hold on the last few drops
Falling falling before the drizzle stops?

So me stops
As stops the hurry
No hurly burly,
No unnecessary
Like talks so mercantile,
Like calling a bluff
Like getting into a scene occuring...
Like a mild chaos...

So me stops
Closing eyes shut
Only to be drenched
Only to get submerged
Into the best thing
Upon me,

The drizzle so so good
As if reminding The Bliss,
Of a being into a life,  a flow
As the road gets gradually wet
As watery starlets on asphalt gets a create...
As the city also stops
People hurrying stop
An idle dream as if envelops
A goodness descends
As if to wipe clean dust...
As if it happens always...
As if it is the perfect lust
For more of joys...
To get clear of all temporary meaningless...


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