Like joie , Unlimited, like thankfulness bowed bended...

Like joie,
Can't you see dear?
How the sky blue white has come?
As if She there hath painted
Her joyous-
her splendid...
Like happiness,
Can't you see dear?
How She hath got Golden her face...
As if She hath given her Her uniform...

And me
On bended folded knees
sees Her beauty awesome
As if there in Her havenly lair
She hath made her toiletries...
As if by Her music She hath wounded her tongue...

And me bows
Bows more to Her
As if from the sky so blue
And white
She hath dropped Her honeydew
Like the breeze so autumn kind...

Like cream
As if gelati
Can't you see
How her sky She
Hath turned?
As if italian romance
There gets every day
By Her write...
Can't you still see
The birth of bluish green sea?
Right there
As if me sits by Her
Divine like bliss
Smelling flowery breeze
Getting filled with Her pious
As if a eternal...


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