Like an image, a ripple of a stream, a journey to an evening...

Like a tune,
A ripple of a stream,
A journey to an evening,
Up somewhere in the hills,
Amidst serene
And peace,
And wilderness
As if distant yet near,
me travels
Thus flowing

And me
Envisions She there
Weaving her
with tales
Dreamy, soulful, kindness in her soft-
Like dewy drops whispering
Only Love
The cool of a river
Dripping tunes more...
Into her,

As if she there
Being part of this brief
With enchantment rare,
As if there
The mist envelops her
Such that she sees nothing,
Only she sings ,
No words,
But sings silence as Holy as Her-
The Truest,
The Best,
As if she there sinks more into nothingness
So fulfilling
That she becomes a tune herself,
A journey,
A rhythm.


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