If had i been bestowed with Your grace, me could have written you like art...

If by Your beauty
Had i been bestowed much
me would have written you
In sacred lines, photographs, prose metrically so
Arranged as if that would be a poem epical,

If by Your wonder
Had i been blessed true
me would have sketched you
Proper in pencil, in heiroglyphic terms, in polemic
As art stays there forever like clouds virtually stick,

If had i been made to delve into Your width and deep
me would have turned all the ways of life,
As usual like a search for pearls under water
In white oyester shells as hidden symbolic kept, by scuba dive,

And by doing that You the Holy
me would have done a prayer
And by that prayer chanting Your name,
me would have got a bit of Your undying Flame.


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