Holding on ...to the miraculous You...

me can
Only hold on
To miracles of You,
For in you
me found everything...
Like drops of dewy rain,
The Sun never shining in vain,
The flow of a river creamy golden,
The birth of a rise as kindness allowed once fullest, in a lifetime,
The deaths of several small miniscule times,
The banyan tree by the placid deep,
The shine of diamonds where God plentiful keeps,
The  sense of being lost in woods,
The dense of a philosopher with coffee smell how broods,
The longest of distance traveled just in a second,
The music painted on sky changing every moment,
The monsoon making a travel to the Fall of maple orange leaves,
The passage of sweet through a porous sandy beach,
The priesthood attained by trees like birch,
The sweltering heat of a fire of scintillating March,
The foggy misty aromatic incense of winding roads to hills,
The cool slumbery ascetic dreams like sitting on a bench to savour the glorious sunny feel,

In you
me finds them all...
Like miracles true from Your sky above they on me fall...


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