As if Hellenspont, me swims...

If the rains descend
So abundant
Like flooding this road
To make it a strait...
As if Hellenspont...
And if You there on a tower, like light
Against the backdrop of dark hurricane clouds evoke the Bright,
How can me not be
A Leander?

If you thus be
A devotee
Whispering paints of one like Etty,
Into me, so ,
Like the rains falling sow
How can i not be
A Leander?

And can you not see
How driven by the sea
Of rainy monsoony flood
me swims ,
Swims eternal...

And me finds
In wetness on skin
How Your Hero like light
From a tower
Falls on me...
As if you a nun
Has become...

And me
A Leander
The Ocean
So bluish...

Only me wishes
Bestows me
That silvery bracelet...

Only wish
me swim the tide...
Saved by you
As if a light
From far,
Like Sestos...

And this Hellenspont
Of the road flooded so broad,
Remains ...

(Note:~on a painting, by William Etty, on Hero and Leander,)


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