Waking up amidst country green...

This waking up
Is like having a birth
Amidst country green
Where the sky unhindered
Draws a marvellous scene,
As if the vast wide filled paddy field
Looking up to the sky,
And this waking up is also like
Seeing birds how with twines in mouth fly...

This waking up
Is like seeing with blessed tranquil heart
How the woods nearby
Is getting filled with activity
Of life blooming with godly piety,
Like a flower yawning happy seeing the songy cool wonder
Of the Goddess like Artemis weaving Her song
for me gone astray, a soul-wanderer...

This waking up is like hearing rooster's call
And finding pigeons hopping by the wet haystack...
And how on an algaic pond nearby
The sky wave like her love sighs...

This waking up is like a pathway through the grove thick and moist
Leafy dreams where lay like chapters of a book perfectly choiced...


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