Traveling as it is...

Traveling as it is
By the road
Drenched by the early morn shower
me comes as if She there taketh me in
To Her heavenly bower...
Where flowers bloom
Where the whole world appears as a space...
A comfort of a home,
A prayer hall...

And me finds how drenched full
The road brings in birth of cool
As if this birth is a recurrent happentance
As if here on the road journeys to Love
Always makes a formidable sense,

And me wakes up
To Her cool moist cup
Of ambrosia,

Like a Lisa
She there promises of her radiance keeps
There she like Her the world beauteous dips
Into her...
Like The Creator...

And me
Traveler more be
To get into her soul
To her cut glass bowl
To her light innocent
To her splendour magnificent
As if there on the road
Traveling my destined street
me The Good Morrow meets...
And awakened me sleeps...
Sleepy me wakes,

Taking the flow
Allowing me self
To delve into The Deepest...


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