This rains, has a meaning,

This sudden spell
Of so much of Rains
Has a meaning dear...
Can't you hear?

This cool slumbery terrace
Getting bathed
Has an imagery of Him,
Can't you that see?

This waking up every moment
This rustle of wet leaves
Dressed every day anew
Can't you feel?

How they all converge
Like a pure undilute
Of a flute
Blown piped aired...
Have you not that call heard?

This living
This death occuring
This birth recurring...
Can you not see
The soft cloudy Lamb there
Flooding the valleys...
Far and wide
Are you still closing your eyes
Choosing to be blind?

O how He there
White rainment His wet flowing in the air
Sings songs His...
Of Love,

Can't you see the flowing cool songy drizzling starry Motion?
Can't you see, dear,
The unfathomable satiety
Bringing calm and peace as balm
To the city...
Getting drenched


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