This evening like a road sings bliss...again...

This evening
Weary me returning
Catching the drops
Of drizzle on my opened heart
As if there right
Those drops rewrite
A motion
As if eternal
This travel
From city to country
And creeping crawling back
With body wishing a rest...
Tired legs
Put across on rest
Of the iron bars,
And the mean
The machine
Purring cooling igniting
Petrol as if always helping a run...

This evening sings a lullaby
In my ears by breezy cool wet flowery
Blowing soft
With drizzling dreams never to be lost...
Moving me the same...
As if a motion by the lane...
A motion perennial,
A motion by air such ethereal
Like me humming a song
Catching wetness shadowy lighted yellowish
On the road brief yet still long...
Home bound
me sings
With the evening...


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