This afternoon, Catching cloudy calm, is like catching you...

This afternoon
Catching cloudy calm
Is like catching You
Your essence as manifested
In this bliss
This serene happiness
As spread as wide as the globular form
Of mind's eyes...
Occhio della mente like
As once a painter professed...
As professed He,
Once  so judged falsely
Standing bloody
Nailed to crucifix,
Still smiling happy,

This afternoon is such Holy dear
If only you could me hear
As hears the wind before she agrees to carry me,
As hears that tree,  still rustling quiet-
As if feeling lovely calm in her all right,
As hears the softy indulgent mellowed light,
Before He thinks of adjusting His energy dissipation right...

This afternoon,
Can you not see,
How catching cloudy floats
me just towards you have a drift...


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