Thereon the street, where running his fingers the guitarist Slashed cool ...

There on the flooded street
Where the guitarist slashed his waves
Like cutting through strings,

Every body needing some time alone
He there sings,

Flooded a street
There he his fingers burned once,
As if strings copper he unwound and unlearnt...

He he fingers so uncoils
As if waves there on flooded avenue
He boils...

Too Apparent
Like written in boldest fonts,
he sketches Only cool sleepy restive yawns...
he opens his eyes and ears to the best form
To get the idea of the rainy motion
How leaves only slumbery lotion...

and at that blessed cooled state
An old story of a fairy someone to him tells,
Calling children out to be in mirth
For monsoon has arrived on earth...
For light in rains shines always brighter as a towering piety...

(Note: on a song by Guns and Roses and a flooded city street)


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