Such a day...for traveling...

Such a day it is
With the breeze
Flowing down ribs
Of leaves
Looking up...
Gathering energy from the dazzle
And they getting sizzled
As if they getting the shine sunny on them...
The sky happy joyous
White and blue
As if Autumn has taken an advance...
traveling down
The road
Is the destined thing...
For traveling can only possibly bring
Joys songy...
Joys unfolding every second of this
A long of the longest
Yet to be measured
But felt
By the shine
Going deeper into skin
Into bones
Into the soul
All parts
So mortal...

Such a day
Is it not?
For seeking more of Him
His bless
His feet
So white
Holy as if
They bore nails
Only to bleed red
as Holy as a dress
worn anew...


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