Space if combined by Love...

Wishes me sometimes
To get Space
as if this small place
Becomes such wide stretched
That like we reside
In two places varied at variance strong,
you at an Island Long,
me at Bali,a beach sandy,
And still
I could get your smell
Every moment passing by
Every day as me grows in your inside...

Wishes me sometimes dear
To get Time
As if times broken all harmonise
To be such long
That you from prehistoric neolithic stage
Create a scripture on walls of a cave
And me living in post tenth world war if may that take place
Could get a vision of your ancient dress...

And like Marvell
A marvel we could create...
As if we would combine
Causing synergy of Space and Time...

As if we be such impassioned
That we both burn eternal as one...
An Alchemy of hearts
Turned Golden...
Births and Deaths several...
We both would live...
As singular,
An Entity...

(Note:~this scribble is an adaptation of a metaphysical poem by Marvell...)


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