O this stream, this murmur, this string,

O this stream,
This murmur,
This string,
Flow me You
Flow me like flow the boats paper made few
Through the rivery streets of the city,
Unfurled by children caged in coops...
O this rainy rained morn, mirthful aloof...

Sing me to heavens,
Sing me to the cloudy even,
Sing me to silence the peace,
Sing me to Your most moist, a kiss...
Sing me to Venice,
Sing me to that moustached singer so spanish,
Sing me to Santana plucking a start,
Sing me where eternity begins, unmarred,
Sing , life as rained glass smoothened only sings,
Putting all fevers, frets, unhappy, absolute blurred...


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