Loving you is like loving my City...

Loving you
Is like loving my City,
The best,
Sometimes me feels that
For this city
Has seen my poems,
my deeds,
how on fields me planted love laden seeds,

The city my love,
Has seen my walks,
My dreams some, summed,
My flowers flooding a garden wholesome,
My temple run,
My glorious deified Sun,

Loving you,
Is like loving my city dear,
Where me walked since childhood
Treading the plains, and hills,
And here, me stood on top of a cliff,
Here me found a forgotten clip
Of a movie running unforgotten,
Here me found flakes of cloudy cotton...

Loving you,
Is like going to the Church here,
To that corner often,
Where me found a shiuli on fullest autumn...

Loving you
Is like going to that park
Where after school my childhood played all through
Sweaty, perspired, even after dark...

(Note: on my city, where I have spent so far, almost, thirty years...)


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