Like Unrecognisable to my an Isabel...

Like Unrecognizable
To me Self
You, like Isabel
Come to place
Your softest white of a palm,
Like an Oath
Never uttered
Like a throat
By songs mattered
And seeping watery
Like that waters deep
Full filled
By the light...
Blue transparent
Carrying algaic life
like spots of green...

me sees you...
In seas
In oceans
In skies
In writes
In reds
In whites
In poems turning proses by Words,
Like placed soft on You, broken glass of happy shards...
In proses by poems so, by my red entwined,
In eyes joyous of unseen mine...

Like Unrecognizable
To my Self...
You come
Like an Isabel...
To place your drops of dreams,
On The Unseen
The Unheard,
Such entwined...

This golden shady landscape
Of a morn with autumnal sense,
As if a Life portrait...
You come...


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