Like an indefinite , infinite, deified strong...

O this song
As She sets her in tune
As if definite
me sees tapery light
Being lit
All over me...
And see
Can You not?
How me
Try to be
A songy sea...
As if me has become indefinite, transience sort,
Lit up by Your soothe -a tapery light
All over...

And She,
The Unreacher,
The Definite,
The sighs slight,
Happy constant
Like a pole of a Star,
She surely remakes her
By Her
Dewy moist allure,
Her strong,
Her marrow so red,
Her Heart as long
As the journey
me every moment takes,

How She binds her
In tune,
So infinite...
As if light
Falling strong
Heavy ...
Pattern poesy shone,
As me gets lightborne...


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