Like being faraway, a song chanted in the name of You...

Like being faraway
me prays
All for You
All the times that fall
All the springs that bloom
All the spaces just turned little rooms...

me prays
Nights to turn into deified days
Like Nickelback
When you sing to my heart
me prays
For all the goodness
Coming down
Like life
Grown into trees big
Like life taking a gulp
A swig
Of Your Divine...
Your shine
That blinds yet pours watery light...
Into souls...
Into saddened hearts...

Like Nickelback
When you sing your life
me prays just
For more of life
More of lust
To live journeys more
As if there is only delight,

When you sing thus
me on move by you pass
And me prays the same
Like a traveler moving
Yet within so motionless...

When you turn your Self
A Nickelback
me into more philos happy moist delves...

(Note:~on a song by Nickelback...)


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