In colors so draped, a golden blue autumnal sky...

In colors so draped
The Sun before sleeping off
Rays so golden on the scape drop
And see,
Despite all
There how dreams slow fall...
On trees,
On streets,
On people running homeward a bit hurried...
Can you not?
How windy monsoon springs of joys brought?
And smell it hard
Smell it quick,
For in the air the autumn tweaks
A flowery shape there emerges...
As if grass flowers are getting ready,
For a season of festivity...already...
Paintbrushes are getting soaked
In colors of life, in colors sure...
Clay mounds are being shaped
To form figures of The Deities as one takes...

Look at the sky
So bluish,
So so white...
There a new season
Is ushering in...
With royal colors
With power
With hope

Like once Durga arrived...
Can you not?


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