God, what a road, what an afternoon, as if a move to Eagles...

Is not the afternoon cool?
As me glides
finds how people come,
How people go,
As if life is just an eternal motion,
As me runs down the road,
As if Eagles ,
Like that motorbike advert
On screen,
Going forever going,
And a wind blowing through hair,
Softy and smooth...
And me sees
Like Eagles
How the road runs with me
As if an Eternity...

Is it not a cool ride to a sunset
Cool like Goodness falling with only more...
As if the travels down the life
Are the ways only to perceive light
And once that happening,
One can only hums...
Easy ...
As if a song
There hummed till the light
turns a starry night
And the night turns a golden soothe of a dawn,

So destined,
So universal,
So so sublime...


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