Finding a sailor, to steal from his sea...and never finding him, lost...

thought she
Found her man,
A sailor
To be stolen from his sea,
For his eyes,
thought she
Had honesty...
And she heard
Others telling her
'Your eyes could steal a sailor from his sea...'
But her man
Had he not her already sang
That he got lost
In the deep
Of the ocean so blue greenish?

Late evening,
Like Brandi
Singing a song,
she walked the town,
As if she there heard her own song
Echoed in streets rained
As if the song of her soul her self there drained...
'Brandi ,
You are a fine girl...'
But she knew
she could never steal her sailor from his blue green sea...
And this thought
Made her
To sing more
As if
On the streets
Love there she bore...

*note:- on a song by E. Lurie, 1972,


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