She arrives bright watery to the city...

And so me feels
Eudora shows Her skills
Of turning rivulets into rivers,
Seas to oceans,
And oceans to biggest seven seas converged...
Seeing how rains turns the city egalitarian...

Eudora bringing gifts of Her sublime
Unwrites all dividing lines,
Between spaces left dried,
She, by Her Holiness mixes all divides...

Lanes and streets and roads
All shine bright,
Waterlogged hearts reflect
filled logged watery minds...

Under a small shed
By the side of a corporation park's rain drops holding fence,
As if like a Paradise set by Providence,
me finds poems borne by Love
thick and poetically dense...
As caught perhaps by eyes immortal unseen
As painted on scriptures by street photographer's dream...

(Note: Eudora= Goddess of rains, gk,)


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