Dear, this cool morn breeze is so Holy like a velata as if...

Have you felt,
This cool sleepy breeze ?
So Holy
Ain't She?
Like Venti
The goddess latin
Hath She not come?
To our seperated exist
As if from Her original East,
The dawn where everywhere arrives,
As Eos, the Goddess there smiles...
Have you not felt them ?

O my Italian dame!
How they together for us send
Flowery dreams
So by fragrance enriched...
How for you there
And me sitting here
They all conspire together
As if we are by Love so blessed...
Have you not yet felt
How Eurus there like pinkish red
Blossoms waving in Her for us carried straight?
As if we have already arrived
To a Paradise
So universalised
By pen dipped in deepest love so true
By writes going denser,faster,frequenter,wetter,  
Like songs painted all so blue...


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