An afternoon like a ride to silence...

When the pathway
Took a straight run
As if to reach that bathed sun
Eu de cologne sprayed
As if new born...

And the breeze
Still smelling forest green, barks of trees wet,
the road
Like a silk ribbon left hanging in memory scape
me led to Her
The music that she implanted in me from far...
A journey never to be finished kind
Yet a journey by so chalk white lined
As if a journey eternal
Not to be ever ended,
Like a tune following another tune
Linked in a playlist...
Of a digitised form...

When the pathway
Became such
came like a search
Once Bob
Wrote pages after
In His godly chapter...

me became then
On road
A silent soar,
A happy glide
As if that ride with blue
Was the perfect way
To reach
The Unreachable...


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