a songy deep of a wish...a flow of a river...a sense of love...

With a song wish
You in her give birth
Of a soul
So bright
That she be a light
As if she then lights me up
As lights You
Every day
Every moment
So momentary
Every miniscule
Of sandy pebble
Every flower blooming full...

As if You
In her deep
Gives a flow
Of an oceanic blue
As greenish like algae
Floating as if primacy of Life
Held in Your blue green deep of Eyes...

Wish a songy morn
To her
Where my soul me sleepy puts rest
You The Bliss
Plant Your plankton
As if there
You plant seedy
Your dough softy meady
As if You in her red
Make a white satiny bed
As beds be come of Your comfort
As comes Your songy peaceful voice from Her blessed throat...

Wish You unmake her
To make her as ultimate
Wish You there tie me unstrung with her flowing strait...


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