Sunday, December 24, 2017

Paper boat*

If it is a holiday
Float on water
Boat mine
Made of paper;
Write on it
In words
My name
The street
The ville
Names such
In bold alphabets
Before the boat
Do i set
If it would reach
Someone's hand
He would know
From which land
The boat had come
Sailing so;
The boat mine
How do i decorate
With ' shiuli ' and 'bokul',
In the garden
Early morn
How the blossoms
Gather and fall
Under the trees
And with dews
On their lips
How do they glitter
As the light of the morn
Piercing winter
Set them with beauty;
And that little boat
How goes with flowers
Towards the end of the day
Whence it reaches the bay
It there how delivers
Those ' shiuli'  and 'bokul' flowers,
Floating my boat on water
How do i just sit and stare
At it, little waves whence rise and fall
The light of the sun whence shine on them all,
The birds giving calls how go away flying
The mild breeze whence blowing saying
How the day has come again after night
( O how do i with dreams wish to take a flight!);
How little cloudlets float in the sky
Like my little boat how they fly
How they go away , in the ocean of light
To which land , to which country them, people sight,
Those cloudlets and my little boat
How they just haply with each other vie;
At the twilight how they pull me out of home
How with them do i feel the presence of the awesome,
To which ville, goes floating my boat
No one knows where it wilt go afloat;
No one stops it , no one compels,
How my boat just goes where it wishes to sail,
Goes it to newer lands, newer seas,
The paper boat mine how goes on unceased,
And rowing with it how does mind mine also go
To newer discoveries how the boat i row;
(*note : it is a transliteration of a poem by Rabindranath Tagore titled 'কাগজের নৌকা' /  Paper Boat, as can be found in page 61-62, volume two,  ' শিশু' / Shishu section , Collected Works / রবীন্দ্ররচনাবলি, Birth Centenary edition.
The transliteration is my humble tribute to the child forever, the greatest poet and philosopher of all times.)

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