Friday, December 22, 2017

The magician of math *

Math had been the thing
That always tears to me bring
But then that doesnot stop me
To say ' Hail to thee!'
As You are born today
( and worked to fame  with Prof. Hardy)
To create new ideas , infinite series,
So many other  things that took you to find
What the figures and fractions and numbers say
What possibilities they before us always lay,
What can be thought and expressed
Through abstract ideas how problems can be redressed,
Then it had been surely a tough time
Under Colonial rule by math simple You did shine
And made even those british rulers to agree
In You they in newer ways the World did see,
Heard several tales  about you
That you could even in your sick bed
With numbers easily like a magician juggled,
You , read somewhere I, once created a series
Based on a taxi cab number ,
Finding what wonder there lied
On a silver plate that was tied
To a vehicle of daily use,
How numbers You turned Your Muse.
( * note : written on Srinivasa Ramanujan, the mathematician who brought laurels for our country when we were under British Rule. 22 nd December is his Birth Anniversary)

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