Wednesday, December 6, 2017


What kind of love, what emancipation
Did once make that bard to find thee?
Are You only a character of just a comedy?
But then, towards the end of Juliet and Romeo
So praised by the Queen , the wight and the beau-
When they came together, right at the tip of feather,
How Shakespeare , thought of  you,
Viola, the heroine, when  came to the bard's view,
A page, a woman with love so much unbridled,
Who could go searching for her love as she felt,
In the kingdom of that Duke, Orsino,
How on the 'Twelfth Night,' ^ everyone did know
You , Viola, the muse of the playwright,
How by your presence you made bright,
Your feminine heart , your ways to find
How to touch the Duke's nimble mind,
And when you sang for your brother,
How Sebastian ( thought to be buried in the sea)
Came back alive to find thee,
What kind of love, what emancipation?
Did once make the bard to find thee?
Are you only a character of a comedy?
Nay, cause thou art true and wise
By love made so, beyond tears and sighs,
Thou art that eternal form of lyric sublime
From which music emanates and also poetic lines.
( *note: Viola is a character of William Shakespeare's comedy ' Twelfth Night'.
^ Twelfth Night: also related to Epiphany.
Viola is also the name of a musical instrument, resembling violin, but larger in size and dimensions)

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