Friday, December 22, 2017

There's that boy named Chris*

There's once that boy named Chris
After graduation he took the road
As taking the road was his only wish;
Hitchhiking he lost his shoes
At the Magic Bus he got his blues
And once arriving at the beach
In waves of sea his dream he unleashed,
Then he walked some hundred miles
Saw how at morn the flowers in light smiled
Saw that crimson face of the sky
A crowd of falcons he watched how flied
Then at Alaska being greeted by snow draped pines
He ticked on his notebook a bucket list fine
There's once that boy named Chris
Taking the road was his only wish
And by doing that how he turned into a man
Made of soil , frost, flower, books  and sand.
(* note: based on a flick titled ' into the wild' )

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