Friday, December 29, 2017

Ode to Theia*

' O Queen,
Ships contending
On the sea
And yoked team of horses
In swift whirling contests
Become marvels'

How out of Ouranos and Earth
Thou as vivid form of sight
How bring Eos for mortal eyes to see,
You had for ages made men to seek
Helios and Selene, both out of the sea
Of the sky,
And how marvels had been for years thousands gathered by mortal hands,
How by thy sight poor am I also made to fly,
Catching the morning's splendour bright,
You the bearer of light!

All who thought of finding that state
Of reaching heaven , through works alone
Sought thee,
You had remained in minds of men
For Eternity,
So many odes had been written to thy name,
So many had thought of thee only to attain fame,
And You remained like a primordial source
Of life taking its due course,
Amidst everything that happens around us
How they come and go, like transient beads of time,
How they just with the flowing river pass,

And You shine forever,  the mild eyed ' far shining one',
Euryphaessa, offspring of Gaia and Ouranos.

(*note: the first few lines quoted in the poem were part of Pindar's works.
Theia : the bearer of Helios, Eos and Selene,
Euryphaessa : another name of Theia)

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